Mixtli Foundation

Aside from the busy kitchen life, the soul of our restaurant is Mixtli Foundation. It focuses on two main missions very close to our hearts:  the Mixtli Garden and the Mixtli Grant.

Sustainability and local sourcing is incredibly important to us. Being able to cut down food miles, and building strong relationships with local farmers and ranchers is crucial to executing good flavors and high quality products. With that in mind, we have started the Mixtli Garden. We have begun plans to build a garden right on the restaurant's roof top. How more local and sustainable does it get than 10 ft away from the kitchen? On it, we'll be able to grow herbs and produce that are essential for Mexican cookery but are a little hard to find, like epazote, hoja santa, and a variety of peppers. The options are endless. We hope to inspire home cooks and Chefs alike to grow their own greens right in their homes and restaurants. Spreading the message of "grow your own" is a big part of Mixtli's mission.

The Mixtli Grant will give a financial award to local farmers and ranchers to upgrade their equipment, install new irrigation lines, reinforce fencing, buy feeders, or anything that will improve their farming or ranching. All funded by our guest’s patronage. Our farmers, ranchers and their families are always in our thoughts. Without them, there simply is no restaurant.


Charity Work

It is very important for us and our team to give as much as we can. Not only volunteering our time, but also with ways for charities and foundations to raise money for their projects. We are proud to support the following charities and foundations with Mixtli Tickets for their auctions. The amount raised from those tickets goes towards their efforts in making someone's life a little better. We support any foundation/charity regardless of religion/political affiliation/sexual orientation. We believe it is imperative as a restaurant and individuals to make an impact in making our city a better place for everybody.

The Food Bank, San Antonio

Boys and Girls Club of America

Seton Home

TMI- The Episcopal School of Texas

Boysville- A Texas home for boys and girls

The San Antonio Ballet Company

CAM -Christian Assistance Ministry

March of Dimes