Farmers, Ranchers, Artisans

Our suppliers are an integral part of the success of our restaurant. Meet some of the people that lovingly and skillfully raise and grow the products we utilize in our kitchen. As we build relationships with local farmers, and as farmers and ranchers become family, this list will be ever growing!

La Mancha Specialties

Husband and wife team Ignacio Gallego and Marisa Bushman started making authentic Spanish chorizo in San Antonio, TX in 2014. Carrying on the centuries old tradition of Ignacio's family the La Mancha Foods chorizo recipe has been made by the Gallego family for 5 generations. La Mancha Specialties uses only all natural, farm raised, hormone free American pork.

What makes La Mancha Specialties chorizo so uniquely authentic is the custom imported blend of Spanish spices. Each batch is made by hand by Ignacio and Marisa including butchering, grinding, stuffing, hand tying, and packaging. La Mancha Specialties's dry cured chorizo is aged for one month, and the fresh variety is ground each week.

You can purchase their products at the Quarry Farmers & Ranchers Market Sunday's 9am-1pm.


South Texas Heritage Pork Farm

Heritage breeds were the first generations of pigs introduced into the pork industry. These breeds are now rare due to the intensive commercial farming methods, which have done away with free-range production. Confining animals into massive pens, often on concrete floors, with no access to grazing and natural instinctive socialization has resulted in the once popular breeds becoming almost extinct.

STHP is the only Animal Welfare Approved pork producer in Texas.

STHP is a member of Large Black Hog Association, which co-owner Kelley Escobedo serves as president.

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Ferra Coffee Roaster

Ferra Coffee empowers growers and ensures quality coffee in every cup. They strive to not only provide consumers with excellent coffee but to also support the growers. They believe that their product not only shows the work that they put into roasting the beans but that it also represents the growers and the work that they and their families put into each crop.

Ferra Coffee travels directly to origin and works with the growers to ensure their crops are always of the highest quality and 100% organic. Ferra coffee only buys premium organic coffee, but if they meet a grower whose product does not yet meet that quality, they will help them achieve those standards.

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Koch Ranch

Koch Ranches, Inc. is a family business that is owned and operated by fifth, sixth and now seventh generation Texas farmers and ranchers.  The ranches are located in Medina and Frio Counties, Texas and consist of over 4400 acres of lush pastures, including almost 400 acres of irrigated natural warm season grasses and overseeded winter grazing.  Our irrigation wells are free flowing artesian Edwards Aquifer wells that provide bountiful clear water for both our all natural grass fed animals and our all natural vegetable gardens and fruit orchards.

Koch Ranches prefers to take the old fashioned natural approach to raise and finish their all natural food products in a way that is environmentally sound, economically viable, healthy and humane. 

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Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms

Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms is the only family-owned, full-service, Mushroom Farm in the state of Texas. Grown for Texans by Texans, Kitchen Pride celebrates the love of mushrooms in national standing as one of the country’s premiere mushroom farms. 

Known as “The Mushroom of Texas”, Kitchen Pride has been consistently producing fresh, locally-grown, premium quality mushrooms in their state of the art growing facility in Gonzales, Texas since 1988.

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