The cloud.


To define Mexican cuisine is impossible. Mexico is as diverse as it is vast. Within its borders lie rocky mountains, humid jungles, arid deserts, and endless coasts: a stark diversity that forced each region to develop uniquely rich cultural and culinary histories.

A culinary history as far back as the Maya and Aztecs, forever changed by The Spanish Conquest, encompassing native ingredients, relying on local cooking techniques, and relishing regional flavors. A diversity that could have alienated neighbors instead forged a culture of unity and family that is uniquely Mexican. Above all, Mexico is unpredictable, wild, and hard to define. All of those elements gave birth to Mixtli (Meesh-Tlee) or “cloud” in Nahuatl (Aztec).

Like clouds, our menu travels from place to place offering a tour in Mexican gastronomy. Our Chefs table sits 12 guests per night, and we serve over 8-paired courses. The pairings go from wine, through craft beers, spirits like Tequila, Sotol, or Mezcal, and even aguas frescas. The menu rotates every 45 days. We travel to the various regions and states of Mexico in each one of our dishes. If the state has a border with the ocean, we start our trek on the coast and work inland, bringing dishes specifically from that region or state. After those 45 days, the cloud travels to other lands and we start all over.

We will utilize indigenous ingredients and pre-Hispanic techniques. We will nixtamalize* corn for masa, roast cacao beans for chocolate, grow herbs and vegetables in our gardens, and locally source meat, poultry, eggs, and produce. We will also include state of the art techniques to create the perfect balance of old and true, with new and innovative.

It is our mission to support as many local ranchers, farmers, and artisans as we possibly can. It is very important for us to let our guests know where our food comes from and who lovingly nurtures the produce and animals we purchase.


*Nixtamal refers to the ancient process for the preparation of corn developed in Mesoamerica. The corn grain is soaked and cooked in an alkaline solution to improve flavor, aroma, and increase it's nutritional value.